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Maxiplan offers the ultimate in on demand, flexible reporting - presented in virtually any desired format, delivered either to a web browser or Excel® spreadsheet. With support for multiple data sources and output controls, Maxiplan combines tabular, graphical and dashboard presentations of data, and incorporates built in intelligence, to create dynamic interactive reports that provide users with a highly structured, yet flexible view of information.

Designed to reduce latency, Maxiplan offers an additional intuitive web based multidimensional data analysis component that filters, slices and dices, and drills down into detail quickly to indentify anomalies and perform 'on the fly' analysis to test assumptions. Retain or store favourite views of data to quickly investigate areas of concern. Security management enables reports to be published only to those users who require access.


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  • Management reporting
  • Actual/budget/plan variance reporting
  • Reporting of complex financial statements
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Dynamic interactive reporting
  • Custom dashboard reporting
  • Combination reporting from multiple data sources
  • Rolling forecast reporting
  • Comparative reporting
  • Spreadsheet “fill-in” and template completion
  • Selection lists to filter and/or slice and dice data
  • On-the-fly ratio, variance and other calculations
  • Control formatting for variations in fonts, colours, chart types and many other attributes

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