Planning for Success

Maxiplan provides a unique 'thin client'  Financial Performance Management solution for planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, in-depth analysis and reporting; as well as KPI monitoring, scorecard, dashboard, and business intelligence functionality. It's perfect for companies looking to move beyond 'spreadsheet chaos' and improve their approach to financial performance management with centralised control and distributed participation.Total Solutions 4

Managing and monitoring financial performance in today's highly competitive business environment is an essential requirement for all organisations, a task often subject to fluctuations in economic stability and currencies. The need to accurately model, forecast and project future balance sheet and cashflow performance is the starting point for sustainable growth and stability. This must be followed by constant monitoring of actual performance and adjustment to forecast to effectively 'tune' projections and ensure realistic expectations in line with market and economic volatility and competitive threats.

Many organisations try to manage this task using spreadsheets which often results in significant maintenance overheads, error-prone calculations and little or no collaboration with the people in the business that understand exactly what's going on.

Maxiplan helps eliminate the burden and dependence on complicated spreadsheet solutions, providing a high degree of functionality, ease of use, and flexibility for users, whilst enabling fast zero footprint deployment across the Internet or corporate Intranet. Leveraging off Maxiplan's use of 'cloud' technology, users are provided with a completely collaborative approach to data collection, budget preparation, forecasting, consolidation, analysis and reporting.

With a clear focus on ease of use, Maxiplan is cost-effective to acquire and fast to deploy, ensuring the real total cost of ownership is kept low.

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